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The Importance of Proper Pet Selection

First, keep in mind, that you will share your life with with a new pet for the next decade or two. 

Second, what you do in the first weeks of pet parenthood makes a difference in your future happiness, so plan ahead.

Third, it's hard to resist "love at first sight." 

Once you take the new pet home, it's for better or for worse!  Why not do your homework first so you can choose.... for better?  Some believe that adding a pet and buying at home are often decisions made emotionally even though the outcome lasts for decades.


Canine Links
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Selecting a Pup
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The American Veterinary Medical Association information
General Information
Cat Selection
Dog Selection



Unwanted pet behavior is a leading cause of pet neglect, abuse, surrender, and euthanasia!  Education is the gift that lasts. 


Pet Lover Donations and Sponsors put Positive Pet Parenting education into pet parent homes with  pet adoptions from Shelters and Pet Rescue.   Positive Pet Parenting Saves Lives 501c3 is a  non-profit charitable organization.


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