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the Animal Behavior Network Online Library (ABN)

ABN is a Network of families, pet professionals, and veterinary practices with a shared goal to improve the relationships between people and pets.

ABN (www.AnimalBehavior.Net) does not compete with any other pet professional or service. Instead, ABN is designed to support the success of veterinary hospitals, pet professionals, trainers pet parents and pets.

The Network is a sponsor of Positive Pet Parenting Saves Lives, a non-profit program that provides Free 60 Day ECourses with Shelter Pet Adoptions.

Positive Pet Parenting ECourses arrive by Email in graphic rich, "bite size" learning for busy people.with easy links to the Animal Behavior Network Online topics, videos, and self-study power point presentations by Rolan Tripp, DVM, Susan Tripp, MS/P and a panel of Veterinary Behavior Technicians, CPDT Trainers and other pet behavior training experts.

The Free 60 Day Network Member Login helps support the success of the Free 60 Day ECourse by allowing pet parents and professionals to learn at their own pace from the comfort of home.

All recommended methods are gentle and easy and fun for people and pets
to do at home.


Families struggling with unwanted pet behaviors may involve their veterinarian in a consulting relationship with a Veterinary Behavior Consultant at no charge to the practice. The pet's veterinarian stays in charge of the pet behavior case.

Pet Behavior History Analysis Steps


1.  Pet Parent completes an online Pet Behavior History (PetEthogram®) from the comfort of home.


2.  The PetEthogram is analyzed by a Veterinary Behavior Consultant who calls to discuss the Analysis with the pet parent by phone appointment.


3. The Pet Parent learns the pet's motivations for the undesirable behaviors, how easy or difficult it will be to improve the pet's behavior, how much time it will take for the pet to reach the person's goals, any recommended services from the pet's veterinarian to correct or rule out any medical causes behind the pet's behavior, any recommended services from a CPDT trainer or from gentle method puppy kindergarten, dog obedience class, or private training, a fee estimate for recommended services, an overview of a customized pet behavior training program.


4.  The PetEthogram Analysis and Report are sent to the pet's veterinarian who may consult at no charge with the Veterinary Behavior Consultant.

The Pet Behavior History Analysis supports veterinarian recommended pet behavior medicine. An ABN Pet Behavior Training Program involves the pet, family, veterinary practice, and trainers, as needed. The goal of veterinary supervised pet behavior training programs are to guide pet parents step-by-step on what to do at home to restore a positive, loving, problem-free pet relationship.