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Sample Pet Parenting Topic 

Kinder, Gentler Pet Pedicures

Although nail trimming may never make your pet's Top Ten List of favorite activities, nail trims don't need to be painful
or dreaded.

Protect your pet from a painful experience and bad memory so you have a lifetime of cooperation when it's time blunt those daggers!

Without regular trimming, cat nails can grow into the paw pad or catch on objects.  Most cats prevent these problems by scratching on trees or the posts you provide.

Preparation is Key!

Have you been practicing gentling exercises with your pet?  If so, nail trimming will be easier. If not, before nail trimming, help your pet learn to accept full body gentling including the feet and toes.

Canine Gentling

Feline Gentling

Introduce gentling when your pet is sleepy or very relaxed. Hand feed your pet during gentling to make this activity more desirable. Practice wriggling and tapping on each nail. 

Your goal is to develop your pet's trust and cooperation. You know your pet trusts you when your pet acts like a rag doll during gentle handling. Make sure you keep going back to your pet's favorite spots during gentle handling. If your pet resists, stop, give a short break and begin again more slowly.

Once you are ready to snip a nail, make your goal one nail per day.  Snip or file the nail tip only. Taking too much nail off risks cutting into the sensitive quick (the pink, living tissue inside the nail closet to the paw). Cutting the quick WILL HURT your pet!  When in doubt, consult with your pet's veterinarian.

Nail Trimming Tips: 

  • Give your pet a bath or just soak feet in water to soften the nails before trimming.

  • File the nails after trimming to blunt the edges.

  • Some pets will let you do anything with one hand if the other is offering a food treat.
  • Don't forget to trim the dewclaws -  the toes located on the inside of the
    front and sometimes rear paws - similar to our thumb location.

Save Pet Lives
Education is the gift that lasts!

Pet parents are guided step-by-step by email lessons beginning on day one of pet adoption to learn gentle methods for helping the pet adjust successfully. The free Positive Pet Parenting ECourse helps the pet parent teach the pet good habits and and helps prevent unwanted pet behaviors from starting in the new home.


Pet Lover Donations and Sponsors helps prevent pets from being returned to shelters. Positive Pet Parenting education Saves Lives.


Many veterinary sponsors choose to support  a local shelter with their hospital name and phone number branded to the ECourse as an outreach to new clients.



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